World's bigest and smallest Umbrella POPY NANO 

 Umbrella through Ages                          

              God created sun to light the earth, and the rain to water it . But man, in his quest for comfort, made a shade with hide and later with shark bones and held it up. The umbrella was born it. It went through many stages before becoming the modern umbrella. Umbrellas have always left footprints on the sands of time. From ages past, they have been man’s constant companion and are seen proudly displayed in Egyptian wall engravings, held aloft by Buddhist monks in their long journeys into the unknown and in Manu Smrithi. Umbrellas have always been part of India’s rich cultural heritage. Lord Krishna , who transformed Govardhana mountain in to an Umbrella and Kuchela Brahmin ,who came with beaten rice , holding aloft his umbrella revel the divine and human longing for a shady protection . This dream in the heart of man which is along old as the world itself has found expression in a unique form the ‘Umbrella” that we carry today. In ancient Kerala Nambutdiri and upper class Brahmins were the proud possessors of the unique umbrella made of palm leaves called the “Olakuda” The “Muthukuda” Has become a variety symbol of festivities in Kerala and beckons days and hold a treasured place in our memories. The old “Seelakuda” with its cotton cloth and thin iron rods undergone a magical transformation .Today it is found in unimaginable shapes and size –nylon umbrella, folding umbrella, pocket umbrellas… St. George Umbrella ….POPY the passage of time has brought in new dimensions for the meaning of the world “umbrella”. Its has cut across the barriers of class, culture, clamed, climate and continents to unify the entire of the word under its shady symbol. Today it has become a craze, a passion among ladies and gentlemen .Much time and creativity goes into its making. the umbrella is no longer a mere device for protection , but a symbol of honor and fashion .it is found in all the momentous occasions of life -at Wimbledon, horse races, reception of great leaders…. And just about anywhere…..

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